Polish Nobility Association Foundation

Battle of Vienna, 1683


Battle of Vienna 1683

Non-Profit Status of Our Foundation

The present-day Polish Nobility Association Foundation was created at the end of World War I. A small group of Polish-Lithuanian nobles established the Association with its present-day mission. The membership was opened to anyone whose name was associated with and was listed in books of nobility of the Commonwealth of Two Nations (Poland and Lithuania). One of the original goals was the establishment of an independent Polish-Lithuania as a democratic constitutional monarchy.

Poland became a Republic in 1918 and activities were primarily devoted to genealogical and heraldic preservation.

The Association continued until the end of World War II. The Polish Nobility Association Foundation was re-established in the 1960’s in the USA and incorporated as a not-for-profit organization recognized as a 501 © (3).

Today, membership in the Foundation (P.N.A.F.) is open to anyone interested in the Foundation’s mission and goals. Members whose names are listed in the historical heraldic reference books in the P.N.A.F. College of Heraldry or other reference sources not currently in the collection, may use the designation P.N.A. after their surname in correspondences, etc. Membership in the PNA Foundation is open to all nationalities.

The Polish Nobility Association Foundation is the oldest continously operating foundation, inside or outside Poland-Lithuania. The PNAF supports heraldic research, genealogy, and a promulgation of historic and cultural values.