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Battle of Vienna, 1683


Battle of Vienna 1683

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Coats of Arms from Ireland and around the World

by Eddie Geoghegan

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Polish Translation Guide: "The Guide"

A Translation Guide to 19th-Century Polish-Language Civil-Registration Documents (including Birth, Marriage and Death Records)

Learn to find, decipher and translate Old Polish Vital Records with the award-winning* Third Edition of A Translation Guide to 19th-Century Polish-Language Civil-Registration Documents (including Birth, Marriage and Death Records)

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List of Polish Americans - iSnare Free Encyclopedia‏

Table of Contents:

1 Arts and entertainment

1.1 Television, radio and film actors
1.2 Architects
1.3 Artists
1.4 Authors
1.5 Designers
1.6 Filmmakers
1.7 Journalists
1.8 Models
1.9 Musicians
1.10 Television personalities
1.11 Theater and dance

2 Business and economics
3 Explorers
4 Military
5 Politics
6 Religion
7 Science
8 Sports

8.1 Baseball
8.2 Basketball
8.3 Bowling
8.4 Boxing
8.5 Figure skating
8.6 Football
8.7 Golf
8.8 Hockey
8.9 Olympic athletes
8.10 Soccer
8.11 Wrestling
8.12 Other sports

9 Other
10 References -

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Rurikids and Gedyminids Dynasties descendants Y-DNA

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Research Resource for Family History/Archives

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Princely descendants of Gedymin including Polubinski 1675

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Nobility and Princely Houses

In depth genealogica research of Nobility and Princely Houses with alphabetized electronic directory by M.J. Minakowski, Genealogia potomkew Sejmu Wielkiego.

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Princely Houses of Poland

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Jastrzębiec Coat of Arms Variations

Princely House of Połubiński

Learn more about the Jastrzebiec Coat of Arms Variations including Princely House of Polubinski (shown above) from Wikipedia.

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A Letter from a Polubinski family historian

By Dmitry G. Karpinski

A friend of mine sent me a few texts concerning discussion on Polubinski family. Unfortunately, I couldn't access discussion by myself: for some reason I couldn't find this board, but I found your name among authors. I remember your valuable help with my genealogical research a few years ago that's why I decided write you. I descend from Polubinski family also and felt very uncomfortable when reading speculations on its history. I believe that you could properly translate information I'd like convey you. People participating in this discussion are wrong on almost all aspect of Polubinski family history.

FIRST WRONG ASSUMPTION: Polubinski family was extinct. NO way! This is one of most numerous princely families. Proof: see this WEB site http://kolibry.cyberpalm.com/01160879.htm. There is published in Russian) an article from most reliable Russian classical encyclopedia by Brockhaus and Efron (19-20 century), which says that Prince Polubinski family descends from Gedimin Grand Duke of Lithuania. In 16 century this family split in several branches. Currently descendants of this family are included in nobility books of Grodno, Mogiliov, Kowno, Witebsk, Kiev… provinces. In fact this article says that in 16 century Polubinski family "ceased to call themselves by Prince title" (what is not quite correct, as I'll show below).In France, currently are living about 150 members of Polubinski family: descendants of my grandmother's brother. They perfectly well know about their noble origin, about their pedigree, about their title (they use privately Polubinski's coat of arms), but they do not "expose" their title in a society, where this title doesn't mean anything, but history.If somebody of them will ever sign his name with a title, some "pczelkowskis" could be very angry. Should they care about it? :-))

SECOND WRONG ASSUMTION: Polubinski family ceased to use the title "Prince". In Moscow (Central State Archive of Ancient Chronicles) are kept many documents on Polubinski family from Grodno gubernia (Province) where the Polish branch of family lived (I read it myself and I have all necessary information referring to pertinent files) from 18-19 century signed by "PRINCE POLUBINSKIS" (Kniaz' Polubinski) and sealed by Polubinskis coat of arms. These are private letters, business documents, financial obligations, "permission letters to the serfs" etc.

THIRD WRONG ASSUMPTION: Polubinski family forgot their ancestry and coat of arms. My family ALWAYS remembered that we descended from a princely family and we ALWAYS knew every single name of our ancestors from Gedimin. I spent over 10 years researching Polubinski family history and I assure you there are files in Russian department of heraldry (St. Petersburg) containing such pedigrees of OTHER POLUBINSKI family brunches.In my possession I have typescripts made by Russian and Byelorussian historians for Minsk Province and for Mogiliov province.

FORTH WRONG ASSUMPTION: Prince Chylinski-Polubinski is an usurper.Of course, I am not in position to speak about him, but based on what I know, there are NO "LASTNAMESAKE" in Polubinski family. So if he has his name from his ancestors, that means he has all right on title Prince (Kniaz'). This title wasn't granted to Polubinski family by any sovereign. Polubinski's title is dynastic! Polubinski family roots are traceable not only to Gedimin, but also to Rurik (founder of Russian state), since Gedimin and Olgierd were married the Princess from Rurik's house, to English, Danish, Swedish, Byzantine etc. Imperial houses (pedigree is available). My mother tongue is Russian, so most of the notes I keep in my native language, should you be interesting get these copies, or references to the archive documents and archive holdings, I will more than happy mail it to you and to any interested individuals.

I would greatly appreciate your assistance to make this information known to other participant of discussion on Polubinski family history. So far, some participant showed not motivated hostility and ignorance, trying smear this ancient and noble name.


Dmitry G. Karpinski

Polubinski Genealogical Tree to 1675

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The HELON Theology and Reference Library / HTRL

George Helon's (ghelon@yahoo.com.au) own personal collection [The HELON Theology and Reference Library / HTRL] Hard Cover Volumes of the following volumes [short titles]; included also - but not specified - various Dictionaries, Atlasses and Gazetteers; Registers and Reference Works; Rare Bibles and Codexes and Historical Theology Works: