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fox hunt, 1893

at Villa Anneslie

Villa Anneslie Fox Hunt 1893

Villa Anneslie Archives

Villa Anneslie History from 1855

The origins of Anneslie can be traced to Lord Baltimore and the Howard family, when a tract of wooded land was granted by Lord Baltimore to Govane Howard. The land grant was known as Drumqhazel and a home was built by Howard on land that became the Anneslie estate. The Howard home burned sometime in the 18th century. It is believed that the stone cottage and court yard enclosure wall on the Villa grounds are what remains from the original 18th century manor. Robert Brown a Baltimore importer purchased 230 acres of land in 1850 from Philip R. Howard to develop his own country estate he named Stoneleigh. He subsequently sold 119 acres of that land to his brother-in-law Frederick Harrison. Frederick Harrison began building Villa Anneslie in 1850’s as a country home for his family.

Villa Anneslie and Stoneleigh Villa were designed by the architect John Rudolph Niersee. The architect Niersee known for his romantic and Italianate designs, was responsible for a number of well-known estates including Clifton and Dumbarton as well as significant government and institutional buildings. The architect closely followed A.J. Downing’s designs. The design can be found in Downing’s books—specifically Design XXII, “Villa in the Italian Style,” in Downing’s The Architecture of Country Houses (1850).

Villa Anneslie is architecturally significant in its own right, and represents a rare surviving example of a country estate built for wealthy city residents seeking relief from the heat of summer.

The current owner Dr. Roger Chylinski-Polubinski purchased the estate in 1972 and has undertaken significant preservation and improvements of the buildings. The gardens have new designs with statuary and fountains. Villa Anneslie was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Maryland Historical Trust in 1977.

Villa Anneslie Wikipedia

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John Rudolf Niersee- Biography

John Rudolf Niersee, architech of Villa Anneslie.

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John Rudolf Niersee- Picture Gallery

John Rudolf Niersee, architech of Villa Anneslie, picture gallery of some of his structures.

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Anneslie designated Historic District in the National Register of Historic Places

Anneslie designated Historic District in the National Register of
Historic Places, 2012, Maryland Historical Trust

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In Towson, lords and ladies enjoy a party fit for a king

"...Villa Anneslie, which was the scene of a party fit for a king, a price and a lord."

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Anneslie Garden Reception 1985

Prince Paul von Lobkowitz, house guest Villa Anneslie 1985 shown with reception staff

PNAF Dinner reception, Dr. R. Chylinski-Polubinski and guest

Costume Party Villa Anneslie, Dr. Roger Chylinski-Polubinski and in costume Baroness Mary Mills