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Battle of Vienna, 1683


Battle of Vienna 1683

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Karl Fabergé and the Russian Imperial Family (Dr. Géza von Habsburg - July 14, 2011)

Posted on ‘The Royal Correspondent’

Here is the 2011 lecture and presentation held at the Virginia Museum entitled, Fabergé and the Russian Imperial Family, hosted by Dr. Géza von Habsburg, Archduke of Austria. Overall, the lecture and presentation is quite fascinating...so watch the video below and enjoy!

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Harpal Rafal Mankoo a/k/a Rafal "Rafe" Heydel-Mankoo

Article deals with self-proclaimed guru on the following: "Writer, Commentator and Pundit" on matters royal, chivalric, genealogical, heraldic, social, cultural and etiquette related, etc.

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Siege of Jasna Gora

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